HBO Max service vide herbal and costly $14.99: announce a prequel to «Gree of Thrones» about Targaryen

HBO Max service vide herbal and costly $14.99: announce a prequel to "Gree of Thrones" about Targaryen

HBO Max Service vide grass and cost $14.99: announce prequel to Grey of Thrones' about Targaryeniv

WarnerMedia media holding officially presented its Disney and Apple TV show to launch the HBO Max streaming service in the fall.

If you veide that skіlki koshtuvatime

Online cinema is more practical in spring 2020. And in 2021, a roll of wines will be launched in Europe and Latin America.

Monthly prepaid option – $14.99, but for prepaid subscribers to the HBO Now video service and AT prepaid premium packages

The offensive rock on HBO Max is planned to see $1.5 billion, and then – $2 billion each.

What to show

About 10,000 years of content and a library of 1,800 films are expected to launch. All popular series (“Friends”, “The Theory of the Great Vibuhu”, “The Prince of Beverly Hills”, “Zahidne Krylo”), exclusive streaming of “Pivdenny Park” in the USA, “Rik and Morty”, all pictures of Peter Jackson at the All-World Tolkien , DC movies and in.

There will be original projects. For example, the prequel to «Gree of Thrones» «Dragon»s Buds» about the Targaryen family, the sequel to «Plytkarki», the series about the Green Lichtar and «Wonderful Come» for DC comics, Ridley Scott»s «Growing Wolves», «Lovecraft’s Country» by Jordan Peele and JJ Abrams, five special episodes with comedian Conan O»Brien and a handful of comedy shows starring Elizabeth Banks, Mindy Kalinga and Issy Rae.

Besides, podcasts and recommendations from celebrities are recommended.


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